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The following list of synesthesia types was created by me. Most of the included terms were also created by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the list or the terms, feel free to .
Some of the terms are clickable. At each link is a more detailed information on the respective term.
basic list of syntypes, minus the details
emotion -> syn
personality -> syn
sight -> syn
color -> syn
movement -> syn
shape -> syn
graph -> syn
grapheme -> syn
word -> syn
person -> syn
smell -> syn
sound -> syn
phoneme -> syn
taste -> syn
touch -> syn
pain -> syn
temperature -> syn
weight/pressure -> syn
span/unit of time -> syn
thought/memory -> syn

emotion -> syn
chronesthesia - emotion syn [unit of] time
esthesiesthia - emotion syn emotion
facetesthesia - emotion syn personality
geusesthesia - emotion syn taste
optesthesia - emotion syn sight
chromesthesia - emotion syn color (sight)
kinesesthesia - emotion syn movement (sight)
morphesthesia - emotion syn shape (sight)
osmesthesia - emotion syn smell
phonesthesia - emotion syn sound
tactesthesia - emotion syn touch
algesthesia - emotion syn pain (touch)
baresthesia - emotion syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermesthesia - emotion syn temperature (touch)
personality -> syn
chronofacetia - personality syn [unit of] time
esthesiofacetia - personality syn emotion
facetofacetia - personality syn personality
geusafacetia - personality syn taste
optofacetia - personality syn sight
chromafacetia - personality syn color (sight)
kinesifacetia - personality syn movement (sight)
morphofacetia - personality syn shape (sight)
osmofacetia - personality syn smell
phonofacetia - personality syn sound
tactofacetia - personality syn touch
algifacetia - personality syn pain (touch)
barofacetia - personality syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermofacetia - personality syn temperature (touch)
sight -> syn
chronopsia - sight syn [unit of] time
esthesiopsia - sight syn emotion
facetopsia - sight syn personality
geusopsia - sight syn taste
optopsia - sight syn sight
chromopsia - sight syn color (sight)
kinesiopsia - sight syn movement (sight)
morphopsia - sight syn shape (sight)
osmopsia - sight syn smell
phonopsia - sight syn sound
tactopsia - sight syn touch
algiopsia - sight syn pain (touch)
baropsia - sight syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermopsia - sight syn temperature (touch)
color -> syn
chronochromia - color syn [unit of] time
esthesiochromia - color syn emotion
facetochromia - color syn personality
geusachromia - color syn taste
optochromia - color syn sight
chromachromia - color syn color (sight)
kinesichromia - color syn movement (sight)
morphochromia - color syn shape (sight)
osmochromia - color syn smell
phonochromia - color syn sound
tactochromia - color syn touch
algichromia - color syn pain (touch)
barochromia - color syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermochromia - color syn temperature (touch)
movement -> syn
chronokinesia - movement syn [unit of] time
esthesiokinesia - movement syn emotion
facetokinesia - movement syn personality
geusakinesia - movement syn taste
optokinesia - movement syn sight
chromakinesia - movement syn color (sight)
kinesikinesia - movement syn movement (sight)
morphokinesia - movement syn shape (sight)
osmokinesia - movement syn smell
phonokinesia - movement syn sound
tactokinesia - movement syn touch
algikinesia - movement syn pain (touch)
barokinesia - movement syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermokinesia - movement syn temperature (touch)
shape -> syn
chronomorphia - shape syn [unit of] time
esthesiomorphia - shape syn emotion
facetomorphia - shape syn personality
geusamorphia - shape syn taste
optomorphia - shape syn sight
chromamorphia - shape syn color (sight)
kinesimorphia - shape syn movement (sight)
morphomorphia - shape syn shape (sight)
osmomorphia - shape syn smell
phonomorphia - shape syn sound
tactomorphia - shape syn touch
algimorphia - shape syn pain (touch)
baromorphia - shape syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermomorphia - shape syn temperature (touch)
graph -> syn
chronographia - graph syn [unit of] time
esthesiographia - graph syn emotion
facetographia - graph syn personality
geusagraphia - graph syn taste
optographia - graph syn sight
chromagraphia - graph syn color (sight)
kinesigraphia - graph syn movement (sight)
morphographia - graph syn shape (sight)
osmographia - graph syn smell
phonographia - graph syn sound
tactographia - graph syn touch
algigraphia - graph syn pain (touch)
barographia - graph syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermographia - graph syn temperature (touch)
grapheme -> syn
chronographemia - graphemia syn [unit of] time
esthesiographemia - grapheme syn emotion
facetographemia - grapheme syn personality
geusagraphemia - grapheme syn taste
optographemia - grapheme syn sight
chromagraphemia - grapheme syn color (sight)
kinesigraphemia - grapheme syn movement (sight)
morphographemia - grapheme syn shape (sight)
osmographemia - grapheme syn smell
phonographemia - grapheme syn sound
tactographemia - grapheme syn touch
algigraphemia - grapheme syn pain (touch)
barographemia - grapheme syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermographemia - grapheme syn temperature (touch)
word -> syn
chronologia - word syn [unit of] time
esthesiologia - word syn emotion
facetologia - word syn personality
geusalogia - word syn taste
optologia - word syn sight
chromalogia - word syn color (sight)
kinesilogia - word syn movement (sight)
morphologia - word syn shape (sight)
osmologia - word syn smell
phonologia - word syn sound
tactologia - word syn touch
algilogia - word syn pain (touch)
barologia - word syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermtologia - word syn temperature (touch)
person -> syn
chronofacetia - person syn [unit of] time
esthesiofacetia - person syn emotion
facetofacetia - person syn personality
geusafacetia - person syn taste
optofacetia - person syn sight
chromafacetia - person syn color (sight)
kinesifacetia - person syn movement (sight)
morphofacetia - person syn shape (sight)
osmofacetia - person syn smell
phonofacetia - person syn sound
tactofacetia - person syn touch
algifacetia - person syn pain (touch)
barofacetia - person syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermofacetia - person syn temperature (touch)
smell -> syn
chronosmia - smell syn [unit of] time
esthesiosmia - smell syn emotion
facetosmia - smell syn personality
geusosmia - smell syn taste
optosmia - smell syn sight
chromosmia - smell syn color (sight)
kinesiosmia - smell syn movement (sight)
morphosmia - smell syn shape (sight)
osmosmia - smell syn smell
phonosmia - smell syn sound
tactosmia - smell syn touch
algiosmia - smell syn pain (touch)
barosmia - smell syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermosmia - smell syn temperature (touch)
sound -> syn
chronophonia - sound syn [unit of] time
esthesiophonia - sound syn emotion
facetophonia - sound syn personality
geusaphonia - sound syn taste
optophonia - sound syn sight
chromaphonia - sound syn color (sight)
kinesiphonia - sound syn movement (sight)
morphophonia - sound syn shape (sight)
osmophonia - sound syn smell
phonophonia - sound syn sound
tactophonia - sound syn touch
algiphonia - sound syn pain (touch)
barophonia - sound syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermophonia - sound syn temperature (touch)
phoneme -> syn
chronophonemia - phoneme syn [unit of] time
esthesiophonemia - phoneme syn emotion
facetophonemia - phoneme syn personality
geusaphonemia - phoneme syn taste
optophonemia - phoneme syn sight
chrophonemia - phoneme syn color (sight)
kinesiphonemia - phoneme syn movement (sight)
morphophonemia - phoneme syn shape (sight)
osmophonemia - phoneme syn smell
phonophonemia - phoneme syn sound
tactophonemia - phoneme syn touch
algiphonemia - phoneme syn pain (touch)
barophonemia - phoneme syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermophonemia - phoneme syn temperature (touch)
taste -> syn
chronogeusia - taste syn [unit of] time
esthesiogeusia - taste syn emotion
facetogeusia - taste syn personality
geusageusia - taste syn taste
optogeusia - taste syn sight
chromageusia - taste syn color (sight)
kinesigeusia - taste syn movement (sight)
morphogeusia - taste syn shape (sight)
osmogeusia - taste syn smell
phonogeusia - taste syn sound
tactogeusia - taste syn touch
algigeusia - taste syn pain (touch)
barogeusia - taste syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermogeusia - taste syn temperature (touch)
touch -> syn
chronotactilia - touch syn [unit of] time
esthesiotactilia - touch syn emotion
facetotactilia - touch syn personality
geusatactilia - touch syn taste
optotactilia - touch syn sight
chromatactilia - touch syn color (sight)
kinesitactilia - touch syn movement (sight)
morphotactilia - touch syn shape (sight)
osmotactilia - touch syn smell
phonotactilia - touch syn sound
tactotactilia - touch syn touch
algitactilia - touch syn pain (touch)
barotactilia - touch syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermotactilia - touch syn temperature (touch)
pain -> syn
chronalgia - pain syn [unit of] time
esthesialgia - pain syn emotion
facetalgia - pain syn personality
geusalgia - pain syn taste
optalgia - pain syn sight
chromalgia - pain syn color (sight)
kinesialgia - pain syn movement (sight)
morphalgia - pain syn shape (sight)
osmalgia - pain syn smell
phonalgia - pain syn sound
tactalgia - pain syn touch
algialgia - pain syn pain (touch)
baralgia - pain syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermalgia - pain syn temperature (touch)
temperature -> syn
chronothermia - temperature syn [unit of] time
esthesiothermia - temperature syn emotion
facetothermia - temperature syn personality
geusathermia - temperature syn taste
optothermia - temperature syn sight
chromathermia - temperature syn color (sight)
kinesithermia - temperature syn movement (sight)
morphothermia - temperature syn shape (sight)
osmothermia - temperature syn smell
phonothermia - temperature syn sound
tactothermia - temperature syn touch
algithermia - temperature syn pain (touch)
barothermia - temperature syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermothermia - temperature syn temperature (touch)
weight/pressure -> syn
chronobaria - weight/pressure syn [unit of] time
esthesiobaria - weight/pressure syn emotion
facetobaria - weight/pressure syn personality
geusabaria - weight/pressure syn taste
optobaria - weight/pressure syn sight
chromabaria - weight/pressure syn color (sight)
kinesibaria - weight/pressure syn movement (sight)
morphobaria - weight/pressure syn shape (sight)
osmobaria - weight/pressure syn smell
phonobaria - weight/pressure syn sound
tactobaria - weight/pressure syn touch
algibaria - weight/pressure syn pain (touch)
barobaria - weight/pressure syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermobaria - weight/pressure syn temperature (touch)
span/unit of time -> syn
chronochronia - span/unit of time syn span/unit of time
esthesiochronia - span/unit of time syn emotion
facetochronia - span/unit of time syn personality
geusachronia - span/unit of time syn taste
optochronia - span/unit of time syn sight
chromachronia - span/unit of time syn color (sight)
kinesichronia - span/unit of time syn movement (sight)
morphochronia - span/unit of time syn shape (sight)
osmochronia - span/unit of time syn smell
phonochronia - span/unit of time syn sound
tactochronia - span/unit of time syn touch
algichronia - span/unit of time syn pain (touch)
barochronia - span/unit of time syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermochronia - span/unit of time syn temperature (touch)
Copyright 2002-2011 Lisa Emerson
Wednesday, 16.05.25
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